Silicone sex serial

As silicone dolls gradually edge their way into Japan’s sex industry with rental services and a latex love hotel of sorts, it’s perhaps not surprising that there is now a magazine focusing entirely on this flourishing fetish.

latex doll

With such a first rate name, idoloid will presumably become the publication of choice for the nation’s doll devotees. Each edition containing glossy pictures of the latest ladies, along with helpful advice for successful ‘relations’.

sex dolls

There are also numerous features to enjoy, covering burning issues such as “Silicone Sex Satisfaction”, “Latex Lubrication” and the gut wrenching but ultimately uplifting, “Love Doll Love”.

silicone sex doll

Should you really want to, going here and then clicking on the top picture will reveal a few thumbnails from the latest edition. Most of which it has to be said are definitely not safe for work. Choosing the ‘BackNo’ link on the left of the page will allow you similar access to the rest of the issues.


  1. says

    They beat the kind you get at the seaside like Blackpool or the ones you see under mens arms at stag parties. A nice pair of skimpy panties and you would be well away. Maybe I could sell them some of my used panties then they would be even more realistic and not so latex smelling.

  2. says

    the first pic is just a little too little too little…to quote “oingo boingo”. i am afraid to check the catalog…i mean, they really look real. oh, that was kinda redundant. apologies.

    and i nominated you too, but forgot to comment that i did!

  3. says

    Actually, this is i-doloid PETITE! The original i-doloid, which was definitely for the lolita otaku set, featured CG girls and games, and in particular lolita CG girls… not lolita GOTHS… but little girls!!! Scary.

    Best regards,
    Made in DNA

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