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      Yeah, it has taken a while. Certainly longer than I thought. But started to see people vaping of late. Each time in a designated smoking area which seemed a bit odd.

  1. John John says

    What time was this taken?

    I remember being with a friend in that vacinity and just having to bail at 9AM: that’s full breakfast time not Jinro time! It did my head in stumbling to the station and hearing other establishments still going full blast and not shutting up shot.

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      To perfectly prove your point, the picture was taken around lunch time. A big night out and no mistake.

      Like you say, so many places just keep on going. I’ve seen people stumbling out of bars and clubs or passed out well into the afternoon. Genuine 24 hour part people.

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      Yes, not sure what happened there, but considering the time, and the state of her boyfriend, a drinking injury would probably be a safe bet.

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    Somehow the whole red lights district is confusing to me. We went out drinking there for a few times. Always had a blast and never any problems, and found a lot of cool guys to hang out with. It’s just somehow confusing that so many, erm, regular folks go and have a good time in a part of town that is famous for brothels. I’m wondering if the Japanese actually have a pretty healthy way of looking at prostitution. Or maybe they just don’t care. Propably the only intimidating thing there were the numerous African American bouncers who all had an evil eye.

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      Yeah, that’s a very good point. Despite the countless dodgy establishments, it is also a place to simply go for a drink or some food. Something an awful lot of people go for, not the area’s seedy side. Personally I would say it’s a healthy attitude, or at least not a holier than thou hypocritical one. It’s a part of society that whether liked or not, is simply accepted. Hopefully it will remain that way.

  3. Yorick says

    Hey Lee,

    I really like your photos!
    I just happened to stumble upon your page,
    it was great to get to remember so many things of my time in Japan while browsing around.
    I love how you make people the highlight (of most) of your pictures and present pictures with such character!
    Thanks you for this.

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      Not at all. Glad to hear you enjoy my photos.

      As much as I like Tokyo, for me it’s the people that really make it. Hence the inclusion of so many of them.

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