1. LAObserver says

    Well without knowing her intended emotion through the eyes, at least we can say she has very shiny hair.

    • Bernadette Marchetti says

      I like the idea that it provides mystery. I read a study a few years ago that using masks can actually prolong an viral or bacterial illness such as the cold or the flu. Since the person wearing the mask is essentially rebreathing the same infected air with each breath, it makes sense. However, I also understand the desire not to infect others while still going about one’s daily life. But I also think that some might agree with the Dread Pirate Roberts in thinking that “they’re terribly comfortable; I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”

      • says

        Yes, I’ve heard that they are far from effective, and as you say, quite possibly the opposite…

        I’ve worn one the odd time in a particularly dusty abandoned building, and personally I found them uncomfortable. Not the actual mask itself, but breathing through one. Didn’t like it at all to be honest.

  2. says

    Nice composition, I do like photos of people in masks, gives them something mysterious and I think that is the reason people still wear them after masks turned out not to be the panacea for hay fever, colds and radioactive dust :-)

    • says


      Yes, I agree. I think there’s still the habit of wearing one for supposedly health/manner reasons, but at the same time, they are also both mysterious and something to hind behind.

  3. GenjiG says

    I like the fact you can see your shadow making the picture. Makes is somehow a more personal shot.

  4. says

    I still wonder how you manage to take close-up pictures! Were you really subtle so people were not aware of it? Is it okay to ask permission first before taking their pictures? What’s most of the cases? I maybe seldom visit your blog, but I do really love your photographs! :)

    • says


      I try to be subtle, and sometimes I get away with it, but as you can see in the photo, the girl was well aware of me — not to mention what I was doing. She was ok about it though. A quick smile invariably diffuses any potential problems.

      Occasionally I do ask to take a photograph of someone, but the vast majority of the time I don’t. I’m much more interested in how the person is, rather then the person they want to be in posed photos.

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