An air-conditioned jacket actually being worn in the wild

With power saving once again a priority, and electricity bills about to rise, it’s going to be another hot and very unpleasant summer in Tokyo. Fortunately, the Cool Biz campaign means that many people won’t have to suffer in a suit, but the ultimate in cool clothing — in a purely functional rather than fashion sense — has to be this air-conditioned jacket.

A garment I’d previously only seen on the internet, but unlike attractive young ladies gagging for middle-aged men, or improbably generous Nigerians, it’s actually genuine.

traditional Japanese air-conditioned jacket


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      Not something I’d fancy wearing when out and about, but I’d definitely like to try one on and see how well they actually work.

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    They should take it one step further, increase the size of the fans in the back and start moving about like hovercrafts; now that would be cool!

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      No idea to be honest, Winnie. For it to be any use at all though, the fans would have to be fairly powerful, so a good few batteries would probably be needed.

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