A woman in Shinjuku running from someone, or simply to something?

Apart from in or just around train stations, it’s unusual to see people running in Tokyo. Or at least it is for those not dressed appropriately. So whatever, or indeed whoever, this woman was running from or to, it must have been important.

Kabukicho woman


  1. Ken C says

    She still manages to hold her bag at just the right angle in the crook of her arm so I think she is running to something rather than away.

  2. says

    That bag carrying technique for some reason always fascinates me. But, Yeah, that’s my take on it as well.

  3. says

    Unless the hand in her pocket is gripping pepper spray, definitely “to” something. Still fascinating in it’s own way since you wouldn’t know for sure unless you followed her. In which case at some point she’d end up running away from you. lol

  4. Ken C says

    I just realised that I read this wrong. She is running from yet another speaker playing the endless Mariah Carey loop.

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