Yoshiro Nakamatsu (Dr. NakaMats) on the campaign trail in Tokyo

Japan’s upper house election on July 21st means more noise pollution, and more repetition of potential candidates names. Now and again maybe even the odd nod towards policy too.

Plus it also means Yoshiro Nakamatsu (Dr. NakaMats). Serial inventor. Some would say serial liar. And something that’s not disputable, serial political candidate — this time for the Happiness Realization Party. A wish that certainly won’t be realised, but if the faces of those watching him were anything to go by, it will at least bring about a bit of happiness.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu (Dr. NakaMats)


  1. Martin says

    I guess every country needs a few off the wall parties and candidates. We might have more than our share in the US though.

    • says

      We don’t do too badly in the UK either.

      Yeah, I agree. Off-the-wall characters like Nakamatsu who’ll never win, and surely never believe they will, help to lighten and invariably brighten campaigns. It’s those with extreme views, but genuine vote potential, who worry me. Like the Japan Restoration Party candidate who was campaigning on the other side of the crossing.

  2. Martin B says

    He looks like he could do with cheering up himself, maybe that’s why he’s running for the Happiness Party.

    • says

      Yeah, I was surprised by his rather subdued demeanour. Particularly for a somewhat larger than life character. Really not sure the Hapinees Realization Party is the answer though!

  3. Linette says

    Kind of breaks your heart. He looks so sincere. If you sew some sequins on that glove, I could imagine him as a Michael Jackson impersonator instead of a hopeless politician.

    • says

      Yes, I immediately noticed the single white glove.

      I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him though. He’s very good at self-promotion, and he contests pretty much every election, so he knows exactly what he’s doing. And what he’s letting himself in for.

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