A window into another Tokyo world

A Tokyo that’s older, more traditional, and possibly a lot poorer.

A window into another Tokyo world


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      Cheers! It was shot with a Leica M-E. In fact pretty much everything on here for the the last 18 months or so was.

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      No worries.

      Hmm, good question. I wouldn’t say easier exactly (at least not when the Nikon is set up), but I much prefer using the Leica. I find I’m generally more accurate focusing manually, and needless to say it’s much more discreet when shooting people.

  1. Mike says

    Fantastic photos, really convey a sense of place. I will be visiting Tokyo in September, and these photos just whet my excitement. Do you have any other photo sites that you can recommend?

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      Depends what kind of thing you are after really, but I’d recommend having a look on Tumblr. Lots of good Tokyo/Japan based sites there. Something for all tastes/interests.

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    In the big cities you find these places here and there, the whole countryside is filled with them. It is funny how my friends were surprised by similar photos that I took, it just didn’t synch with the image of Japan they had.

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      Yeah, it’s a side of Japan that’s very rarely seen, at least in the media. Don’t know if people don’t want to see it, or various news organisations simply decide that they won’t want to see it. But either way it’s definitely as much a part of the country as neon and busy streets. Arguably even a bigger part.

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    Lee, I love how you delve into and capture the quintessential and often overlooked aspects of Tokyo and this shot speaks it in volumes. The socioeconomic diversity living in Tokyo never ceases to astound me, though somehow it seems to marry together rather well.

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      Thanks a lot. There are so many sides to Tokyo, and like you say, so many get overlooked, that it’s a wonderful challenge to try and document at least some of them.

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