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      Thanks a lot! For a cold, miserable evening, the colours came out really well. The wet pavement was an added bonus too. I could happily shoot in that alleyway everyday. Definitely one of my favourite places in Tokyo.

  1. Marc says

    It appears as though he had already been someplace – that looks like the typical umbrella a bar/restaurant will give you if it is raining out and you are leaving.

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      I think you are right, he probably had been. But at the same time, those umbrellas can also be bought pretty much anywhere these days. In fact it was from underneath one that I took the photo. Purchased earlier from a nearby electrical store.

  2. Andy says

    Just great!
    Perfect scene, perfect picture and perfect title!

    Yet, on second thought… I somewhat guess that I do look just the same way when I’m searching for a convenient spot to gulp down a quiet glass of beer after a long day of work. XD (It’s much easier to do so in Japan than it is here in Germany, btw.!)

    • says

      Thanks, Andy!

      I can imagine. Exploring all the bars in just a small section of the city would take years. But so much choice can make decision making difficult!

  3. Marcin Bińczyk says

    That’s a great shot, beautiful colors and composition! I don’t remember how I found your blog but I’m sure glad I did – thanks for sharing your photos, I’m greatly enjoying these small peeks and your unique perspective on what life out there looks like :)

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