When fashion and smartphones collide?

Apple’s strict adherence to form and design has, in some cases, compromised the final product – practical concerns such as power, cooling etc. suffering at the expense of those all-important looks and sleek lines.

An obsession with appearance over almost anything that, to be fair, the company also shares with at least some of its customers.

Japanese long fingernails iphone


    • says

      I’d have thought she couldn’t use a smartphone, but she could. And as awkward as it looked. she was surprisingly efficient.

  1. says

    That’s… very impressive nails. Never seen anything like that before. One more thing that makes Japan so special

    • says

      A good few years ago, nails like that were quite popular. Not sure whether they are making or comeback, or she is reluctant to let them go.

  2. Marcin says

    You know, if she upgraded those nails with some touchscreen stylus tips she could probably type really fast after some training 😉

    • says

      My guess would be she’s a shop assistant. Clothes, accessories or something along those lines.

      She was interesting. Clearly too young to have been a part of the Shibuya ganguro and yamanba trends, she’d adopted slightly watered down elements of both. And most importantly of course, she had the incredibly dark tan.

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