Used schoolgirl underwear ban?

Tokyo’s used underwear industry was in a state of shock today, as it has been reported that the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly intends to put a stop to used underwear trading. The new regulations – when they come into effect – will admittedly only stop the selling of panties worn by teenage girls, but with sales of middle-aged men’s undergarments not the strongest, the industry it is feared could be damaged beyond repair.

Rumours of frantic bulk buying since the news surfaced has been denied, but insiders are said to be expecting a marked increase in orders over the coming weeks. One even predicting that some schoolgirls could be going through three or four pairs a day to keep up with the demand.


  1. says

    This is fascinating… I’d always wondered if used panties from vending machines in Tokyo were an urban myth. Not featured in Lost in Translation, surprisingly. How do you think Tokyo came out of this movie, Lee? Did Ms Coppola get it right?

  2. says

    Unfortunately the film hasn’t arrived here yet. Although I will go and see it when it finally does.

    A lot of TV programmes/films have a tendency to focus on Tokyo’s Blade Runner-esq appearance a little too much. As below the surface it’s very different. I hope Lost in Translation doesn’t fall into this trap.

  3. gokiburi says

    The movie got the whole “what the?” feeling that you get after your initial fascination with everything fades. but the movie did it backwards- at first she was all “huh?” and only then started walking around and being all “oh, that’s kinda wild”. Unfortunately she never gets to the “yes, i can speak the friggin language, and no im not available to privately tutor your suicidal kid at a bargain basement 3000 yen/hr”. for that you need to be there for at least 18 months.

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