Traditional Tokyo in the snow

Like most cities that don’t get a lot of snow, a few centimetres of the white stuff caused all kinds of trouble in Tokyo this week. Trains were delayed. Schools closed. And the TV continually told us how terribly treacherous it was under foot.

But, in older, more traditional Tokyo, rather than chaos it instead created a comforting sense of serenity.

Tokyo snow

And an absolutely sublime silence.

Tokyo snow


  1. john says

    I imagine an interlude of ‘bike tyres on a snowy road’ followed by a tinkling of the bell before you re-enjoy the silence?
    Perhaps TV encouraged people to think safer to cycle.

    • says

      Thankfully the old dear didn’t use her bell. I used my bike a few days after, and I must admit it was pretty hairy. Not a good idea…

  2. says

    “rather than chaos (…) a comforting sense of serenity”

    You exactly describe why I like traditional Japan better than the modern one, snow or no snow.

    • says

      Yes, the bright lights and busy streets have their moments, but places like Yanaka and Nezu really are lovely places to walk around.

  3. says

    Amazing clarity and detail in these shots! 😀
    I’d imagine that taking a stroll over there would be the most relaxing thing ever.

  4. winnie says

    To me, Snow equal to Beautiful but Dangerous.
    Brilliant shot, love the second picture!! :)

    • says

      Thanks! I know what you mean. It was ok on the day, but after a lot of it froze the next night it was a bit dangerous in spots.

  5. says

    Funny, I always thought it was only the UK that came to a grinding halt at the sight of the first snowflakes. :-) Beautiful photos, by the way, as usual; the B&W does work so well with with this kind of scenery in the snow!

    • says

      No, the UK isn’t alone, although it wasn’t quite snowmageddon!

      Thanks! I had it in my head that black & white, in the snow , and in that area could work quite well. So it was very pleasing when it did.

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