Traditional geta in modern Tokyo

Despite all the coverage that Japanese trends and technology get, the country is just as traditional as it is modern — maybe even more so. And that’s true in regards both attitudes, and small daily details.

traditional geta shoes in Tokyo


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      That’s what I’ve always thought, but I’ve been told by several people that once you get used to them, they are quite pleasant to walk in. I guess I should really try for myself though, as I remain unconvinced.

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    A ryokan in an onsen town I stayed at had them for their customers to walk around town in and they are fun to walk in, especially the noise they make gives a bit of a kick. Not overly conformable, I found them, but I guess you can get used to them.

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      Thanks! Just as I thought. The ‘they are way more comfortable than you’d think’ brigade were clearly having me on!

  2. Coli says

    Love the contrast here with the filthiness if the street and the straight cleanliness of our friends shoes here. Really great concept here!

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      Thank you! Always good to try something new, or at least a slightly different approach. Glad you like the results.

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    May I ask which part of Tokyo is this? Was the person waiting for the bus? I guess your photo is successful at triggering my curiosity!

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      Of course you can. It was outside the main exit of Ueno station. I saw him heading over the crossing and followed him as he made an interesting contrast to the other people and surroundings. The he just stopped there. Not sure why. But I at least got the photo.

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      Likewise. For me it evokes the past. No doubt a romanticised and wholly untrue past. But a past that nevertheless I will never know.

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