Toothy Japanese grin x 2

There’s only one thing more endearing than a big toothy grin, and that’s two toothy grins.

Japanese toothy grin


  1. john says

    John Otway fans and mathematicians might say that’s two things, or at least toothy things.
    DSLR toothy grin detection switched on ? :o) Very nice!

  2. winnie says

    Hahaha.. Look alike grin :)
    May I know where this “big Toothy grin “sculpture locate?
    It’s so cute !!

    • says

      Don’t know to be honest Paul. Looked like clay over a frame, but that’s only a guess. Pretty sure there was no poo involved though.

  3. Alicia says

    For a moment I thought you took a trip to SF. These same sculptures can be found in the SOMA district of San Francisco.

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