Tokyo’s contrasting skyline: the old and ultra modern

Tokyo is a city full of contrasts, and its architecture is no different. The old and new, ramshackle and resilient — all vying for what little space there is left.



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      I’m not sure. The one on the right with the bicycles outside, definitely. Those on the left, however, is anyone’s guess…

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      With the arrival of Skytree, the value — or at least the desirability — of this area appears to have definitely risen. If they had held off, now would certainly seem to be the time to sell. Amazing how many new homes have appeared over the last 18 months or so.

  1. LAObserver says

    As shown in your photo, the Tokyo Skytree is so unbelievably tall, perhaps its broadcast signal goes right over the average home TV antenna. I wondered just that when I first saw it last year.

    Nice shot Lee.

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      Thank you!

      Yeah, it’s a real beast. For me, seeing the 30-something storey building next to it look absolutely tiny in comparison really brought it home how unbelievable big it is. 2nd tallest structure in the world I think.

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    I bet Godzilla will try to shatter skytree first :)

    Another amazing photo, keep up the very good work Mr. Lee. Greetings coming from the Philippines!

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      Hello, and thank you!

      I think even Godzilla would struggle against Skytree. It’s even more of a beast than he is!

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    Maybe this is somewhere nearby Asakusa..? Never had a chance to climb the sky tree. I hope one day I will come back to Tokyo :)>-

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      Kind of. About 30 minutes walk or so.

      Don’t feel bad. I haven’t either. The waiting time is still well over an hour every time I pass, and I don’t want to make a reservation because it’s impossible to know what the weather is like. Could be years before I finally get to the too. You’ll probably beat me to it!

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