1. Martin says

    Nice to take pride in one’s surroundings. On another note I’d like to see her getting into those jeans!

    • says

      Clearly a small price to pay in the name of fashion. In a similar vein, I suspect the boy may well have the phone surgically attached to his hand for a two year period.

  2. LAObserver says

    Not to sound naive, but still there is nothing more amazing than seeing graffiti in Nippon. Before I visited there myself, I was repeatedly told of the national and personal pride the natives have in their home. It just seems so contrary to the Nihonjin psyche to deface their surroundings in such a manner.

    Well times change don’t they ?

    • says

      The do indeed. In Shibuya and parts of Harajuku there is an awful lot. A huge change from what it used to be like. It’s quickly spreading to a lot of other areas too. Some of it is genuinely artistic, but a good amount is anything but…

  3. willy says

    I remember going there in the 80’s and being taken aback by the lack of graffiti. But now graffiti culture seems to have become ubiquitous.

    • says

      Yeah, pretty much. Definitely not everywhere, at least not yet, but there’s so much more than there used to be.

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