Tokyo winter and spring in one shot

Tokyo’s recent, record-breaking snowfalls, have made a mockery of anyone hoping for milder weather. But, while a surprising amount of snow still exists, and the temperature is far from pleasant, there are at least some signs that spring isn’t all that far away.

Japanese winter and spring


  1. says

    Great summary of the Japanese winter, it almost feels like embroidery on a silk kimono.
    Tokyo was hit hard but Chichibu appears to be hit even harder. The temple where I had my shukubo last year was evacuated and did I understand correctly that food was dropped off over houses? Wow, quite a winter to remember!

    • says


      It has been one to remember for sure. One for the record books too. But for those trapped it must be one they’d like to forget.

      Not sure about food being dropped, but it wouldn’t surprise me considering how much snow some areas got. The Chuo from west Tokyo to Yamanashi got hit badly, resulting in passengers being stuck on the train for 3 days. Bad enough on a comfy, well-equipped Shinkansen. But on a regular, and fairly old train, it doesn’t bear thinking about…

  2. Bernadette Marchetti says

    Another absolutely breathtaking picture, Lee! I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures of sakura and ume blossoms lately because I’m thinking of getting a tattoo on my back of a branch with sakura blossoms falling from it. But living in the US, not too many people know what sakura is (unless they live in Washington, DC–they have a huge festival every year) so I’ve been looking for just the right picture.

    • says

      Thank you very much!

      Good luck trying to find the image you want. Might be worth having a look at some Ukiyo-e, for a slightly more stylised look at sakura.

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