Tokyo trends

Appearance is arguably everything in Japan, with clothing often clearly identifying a person’s role in society, all the way from subdued suited salary men to elegantly turned out elevator girls. Possibly the best known of these outfits outside Japan being the skimpy-skirted schoolgirl’s sailor suit; an ensemble particularly popular with the cosplay contingent – both female,

Japanese schoolgirl

and male.

Japanese schoolgirl cosplay

Yet for the man who works but doesn’t wear a suit (or indeed a schoolgirl uniform), there is fortunately a one-stop shop, which, rather appropriately, is called Workman.

Japanese shop

A retailer with racks of stuff to rig-out even the most fashion conscious contractor – regardless of his profession.

Japanese work wear

But as good as Workman’s garb undoubtedly is, it surely can’t compare to the company’s commercials, which are so criminally bad they are good.



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    HAHA!!! The man in the girl outfit is SO funny!!! I almost wet my pants w/ laughter. Anyway, the outfit the REAL girl is wearing looks like the outfit Kagome wears.

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