Tokyo training?

With Japan absolutely jam-packed with vending machines, it’s not exactly difficult for those underage to clandestinely purchase their poison of choice. In fact, for Japanese teens, Tokyo is absolutely teeming with treasures; a party involving plenty of booze, packets of cigarettes and a plethora of porn being easily had – all at the simple push of a button. Making it a pubescent form of perfection of sorts.

Yet not content with young adults getting a taste for the odd tipple, Japanese drink manufacturers are also keen on attracting those even younger. This beer-like beverage unashamedly aimed at the under-10s.

Japanese drink

A commercial for the drink even helping highlight the immeasurable benefits of inebriation. Or at least a sober simulation of it.

However, the presumably high sugar content of each bottle may well make children who consume too much of it ill or indeed irritable, arguably making it just like the real thing – almost.


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