Tokyo tinned treats II

Perhaps I’m easily impressed, but bread, in a can, in a vending machine seems pretty damn special. Fantastically so in fact.

Japanese canned bread

Yet even such far from normal foodstuffs can apparently get a little too familiar, stale even, as cylindrical snack supremo Pan Akimoto has produced a limited edition version based on the popular game, manga and now anime, Clannad.

Japanese canned bread

Available in strawberry, green tea, butter, raisin, blueberry and milk, these tinned treats are apparently available until the end of October.

Japanese canned bread

And should it rain, there’s also the added bonus of the dispenser being next to an umbrella vending machine. Could things be any more convenient?

Shinjuku station Tokyo


  1. Makito says

    Lets see more かさ vending machines! … this is the sort of convince that any big city should have – having to carry your own umbrella around all the time is troublesome.

  2. says

    If you’re lucky enough to be staying at a business hotel, you can often get a ‘loaner’ umbrella at the front door of the hotel to use for your day in the city. Very civilised!

  3. says

    Good promotion through Clannad, stick this in Akiba and otaku will empty the machine trying to collect the different cans. The best part is that they won’t even open the can lol, ruins its value :p. Btw, thanks for adding me on your link list ^^.

  4. The Truth says

    Loaner umbrellas are a wonderful idea…but it’s a concept that only works in a place like Japan.

    Can you imagine the same thing in the US? Hell, those umbrellas would be stolen, broken, and thrown away on the sidewalk within 5 minutes.

    Same with all the wonderful beverage vending machines you see in every alley in Japan. They’re all clean and fully operational. In the US, they’d be smashed and vandalized in an instant.

  5. says

    Wow! Gotta check that out next time I’m in Japan

    I found it so hard to find food vending machines in Japan. Drinks yes, but where are the chocolate bar/potato crisps machines?

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