Tokyo through a transparent umbrella

When it rains in Tokyo, the city isn’t only awash with water, but also the now ubiquitous transparent umbrella. A cheap and cheerful option that can create a slightly unreal window, into a similarly synthetic world.

Tokyo umbrellas


  1. Joel Kabahit says

    I’ve purchased a couple of those transparent umbrellas on different visits to Japan. Ended up leaving them at umbrella stands at hotels at which I was staying.

  2. says

    Second transparent/plastic picture in a row. Is this the December theme! Very nice. Did you post process the image? The guy with glasses is somehow on focus.

    • says

      Haha! A mere coincidence, although that said, Thursday’s photo will include one too.

      Yes, I processed it, upping the contrast considerably, although I had managed to get the man with glasses in focus. That made me doubly pleased as I was carrying one of those umbrellas myself!

  3. says

    Lee, this is amazing, the B&W processing is very contrasty but that works very well for this shot, especially with the bright umbrella contrasted with the deep dark background. Love the fact that we are looking over the shoulder of the guy into, almost, a mirror with the other person coming towards us over the reflection of the lights creating a path.
    This is a winner!

    • says

      Thank you very much!

      Must admit I’m very pleased the way it came out. With the rain and the dark alley, I had in my mind a very contrary shot, and fortunately that brought out the umbrella and the man even more. Plus like you say, looking over the other fella’s shoulder, and the reflections, add nicely to the effect.

      Basically one of those all too rare moments when everything came together. If only it was always like that…

    • says

      I do! They are great, aren’t they? It’s my way of experiencing an older, more traditional Tokyo. One that sadly I’ll never know apart from photos and films, but these places at least give me a taste of what it may have been like.

  4. Susan Rogers says

    Very nice Lee! I imagine you could get very creative with a little rain and a clear umbrella.

  5. Iwao Yamamoto says

    In almost every houses in Japaese families there might be some of that transparent umbrellas left
    And your expression ‘ubiquitous’ is interesting to me. On a rainy day
    that’s right. An amount of those transparent umbrellas are seen ubiquitously
    seen around us outside. Is this phenomeon only in Japan do you think?

  6. says

    An instant classic from you, Lee, like some of the others have already written. The contrasty treatment works great to amplify the “film noir” mood of this timeless scene.

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