Tokyo: The daily struggle

Japan’s so-called ‘lost decade’ is now being slowly lost to history, but the country’s future still remains as uncertain as ever. The population is rapidly ageing. Economically things continue to stagnate. And that much-touted modern saviour, Abenomics, is anything but a foregone conclusion.

A story that is horribly familiar to a growing number of the nation’s citizens too. Ageing can be tough. Surviving a real struggle. And the way forwards anything but clear.

struggling in Tokyo


  1. Martin says

    Getting old is tough anywhere. I’m still hoping to die by “misadventure” before it becomes an issue.

    • says

      Yeah, a problem for (some) individuals and the country as a whole. A global experiment that Japan is currently leading. Although what it’ll lead to is anybodies guess.

    • says

      That’s quite an image. Him as a modern-day jouster of sorts! Unfortunately it wasn’t his. Or at least I don’t think so. Just a bike parking spot.

  2. winnie says

    From the picture, he seem very lonely. And I feel sad.

    It made me pause and think where I will be when I’m in his age.

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