Tokyo technological titillation

With its sleek design, touch-screen technology and iTunes compatibility, it’s not surprising that North America is going gaga over Apple’s soon to be released iPhone.

In Japan however, the priorities for portable products are a little different – advancements in camera technology in particular garnering a lot of attention. Like the new 5005X for example, a piece of kit* that explicitly caters for the keen photographer.

A phone that Messrs Danny and Hector could possibly have made more than good use of at their recent idol photo shoot in Tokyo.

Japanese phone

*young lady not included

(image via the FG Forums)


  1. centy says

    Oh for god sake this is a photoshop job from about 2 years ago at least thats when i first saw it doing the rounds on 4chan wake up people xrays bounce off solid objects like bone and metal how does her entrie top dissappear keeping everything else perfect get a clue please.

  2. Bapu says

    How can I purchase this latest X-Ray Japanese cell phone..will it work in India for any teleservices..

  3. الاشهب المملوح says

    الله لايبارك فيكم
    انتم ماتبونا نطلع من بيوتنا يوم انكم تصنعون لنا كاشف العورات

  4. حاثي الرمل بوجة الصانع الملعون ^_^ says

    حسبي الله عليكم ونعم الوكيل
    الله يجعل كيدكم في نحوركم ياارب

    هذا إذا دل على حاجه وحدهـ إللي هيــــــا
    كرهـ الغربيين للمسلمين

    لان بناتهم مايحتاج إنهم يتعبو معاهم عشان ياخذو إللي يبغو منهم

    بس الهدف منه والغرض منه واضح

    بنات المسلمين

    الاتي لم يستطيعو الغرب من اللعب والعبث بهن

    ولكن ……………..
    اللهم من اراد المومنين والمومنات بسوء فاشغله بنفسه

    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

    وهنا يتضح دور هيئة الامر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر
    ودور وزارة التجارهـ

  5. Abo Raghad says

    اللك اكبر عليهم..
    وبعدين الي ما يبيه لا يشتريه وما عليك
    الحكومة والمطاوعه ما بتخليه يدخل البلد
    وبعدين جت على الحريم بس حتى الرجال بتزعل واحس ان اول ناس تستخدمه هي الحريم..

  6. reno_norit says

    Hi every one. hey what do u think about 5005X phone? do u know it is really the best only one mobile in the world can take body had clothes. Oh now i live in cambodia. oh who know about this phone? can u tell me where should can i buy 5005X phone? if u know please tell me. HAPPY NEW LIFE with 5005X phone

  7. فارس says

    يلعن ام الفلللللللللللللللللللله
    والله لاشتريه

  8. ary says

    Where I Can Buy it? no problem about the cost,I buy 2 ,1 for me and 1 for the one who give me Information about the place to buy.

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