Tokyo summer colours, summer kimonos

Rainy season seems to have finally wrung itself dry, so from now on it’s only going to getting hotter, and the sun a whole lot harsher. A time of year that needless to say is very much suited to light, loose-fitting clothing. But, while the standard issue of shorts and a t-shirt are comfortable, they aren’t nearly as attractive as more traditional summer attire.

Japanese summer kimono


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      Yes, they are, although I’m no expert. Not in the slightest.

      As far as I know (and I hope this is right), the main differences are material, design and pattern. Yukata are made of cotton and don’t have lining. Design-wise they are much simpler, with only one collar and no variation in sleeve size. And the patterns are different, but unfortunately I’ve no idea how!

      There are no doubt a whole host of other differences. The obi and how it’s tied no doubt being one of them. But the ones I mentioned above are the only ones I’m sort of certain of.

    • Lillian says

      “Kimono” = clothing/traditional clothing. Yukata are just one kind of kimono. (Though most people think of formal, lined kimono–such as the furisode that young women wear at Coming of Age Day–when they hear “kimono.”

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        I was going to give my two cents in, but Lillian pretty much covered what I was going to. Personally, I love wearing a pretty Yukata on a hot, summer day.

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      Thanks! It Seemed just about right considering the wonderfully bright light.

      Not too much. I’ll be off to the UK for 4 weeks later this month. A welcome escape from the heat and humidity! That said, sure I’ll fit plenty of festivals in before and after.

  1. Benjamin says

    Dear Heavens, there is simply much too much colour and happiness in this one image alone! I simply must retreat to my depressing, dimly-lit safe haven of brown and bloom with all due haste! Good day and farewell!

  2. winnie says

    I like this picture. Beautiful colour :)
    I miss Japan badly…….I am back to Singapore few days ago.

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      I wondered when you were going back. I’m sure you’ll settle back into Singapore life pretty quick. There are certainly worse places to be!

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      The area in the shot I can take or leave, but I do like the surrounding streets. Plenty of character and characters.

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