Tokyo street food, on a cold day

The likes of coffee shops and restaurants offer some relief on cold Tokyo days. But hot noodles. Bought cheaply. And wolfed down often frighteningly quickly. Really take some beating.

Tokyo street food


  1. Martin says

    That’s really the origin of street food. A quick and cheap meal for working people who don’t have time or often the money to go for more formal dining.
    Your photo captures it, not about comfort just food.

    • says

      Cheers. Yeah, and there’s thankfully a lot of it about. A point that was totally missed again when Tokyo was once more named the most expensive city in the world. It certainly isn’t cheap, but those reports always seem to focus on the pricey stuff, and not the cheap meals and such that can be had everywhere. Clearly those expats and business travellers those reports are based on aren’t prepared to eat where the locals do.

    • says

      Thanks a lot. A new design was much needed. Finally made the photographs the main focus, and cut away lots of unnecessary stuff. Just in time for a new haikyo tomorrow too!

  2. Iwao Yamamoto says

    It seems to me the old woman in the picture didn’t know she was taken a picture. And the picture makes me feel as if he place and the faces in the picture were in Korea or China. Of course Japanese, Koreans, Chinese might look the same to Westerners, they have each different back bones of culture and we can identify or discern them from ourselves I think. The way we think about something is quite different even in a small matter.
    How to introduce Japanese ordinary life to foreigners who don’t know at all by pictures taken is quite difficult I think and your picture is black and white. It will make them feel something very old times. Of course your pictures are quite professional and nice. For a Japanese who is thinking about our culture always your pictures make me to say something. Sorry for only commenting.

    • says

      Not at all. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I’m generally drawn to Tokyo’s older districts, and they certainly have a strong feeling of the past about them. Or at least they do to me. Times I’ll never know, but I can imagine — sort of.

  3. winnie says

    This post made me craving for hot noodles! Look nice! I’m feeling cold now, where can I try it? :)

    • says

      Yes, definitely noodle/ramen weather. No doubt about it.

      This was taken in Tsukiji. The main street there, not far from the main entrance to the market. There are lots of similar places there.

      • says

        I was actually thinking to myself it looked a lot like Tsukiji on the main street near the fish market. Then I realized how stupid that was given the numerous streets like this…
        Glad to see my intuition was right for once :)

        • says

          Yeah, it does look a lot like countless other streets, but well spotted. Nice when that happens, isn’t it?

          • says

            I’ve actually always wondered how these food places were. I always rush past them to one of the vendors around the sushi dai storefront.

            • says

              I didn’t actually eat there. Wanted to as it was cold and it looked good, but it was way too busy. Obviously a good sign in regards quality, but not good in regards the queue…

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