Tokyo street food family dinner

Japan’s so-called ‘family restaurants’ are, as their name suggests, popular with families. Bright and child-friendly places that offer a reasonable variety of food at equally reasonable prices.

But what they don’t offer is character or an interesting experience, which is something that this family got by the bucket load.



  1. says

    I never really realized this but I don’t really recall any families with small kids in the places I usually frequent. Are they normally just visiting the restaurants on the top floors of the department stores?

    • says

      I don’t know to be honest. Not having kids I don’t really frequent such places either, although the kaiten sushi place near me is very popular with families. Fairly cheap and plenty of options. Perfect I guess.

  2. jac_no_k says

    Ex-pat “dad” here with two loud kids and Japanese wife.

    From what I understand, it’s not appropriate to have a proper family eat at places where a salaryman would go to for lunch. The image it shows is the wife can’t cook for the family or the family doesn’t have enough income. What’s weird is western fast food places like McDonalds is considered acceptable. Perhaps because these gaijin places are considered a luxury even though I find gyu-dons more tasty.

    Some establishments refuse service to children, even during lunch. Which is fair… My kids are loud and it would be rude to other diners.

    And finally my kids are not adventerous foodies. They prefer simple, recognizable dishes that fami-resu always seem to have. Denny’s in Japan does a good job of having something different every month but keeping it kid friendly.

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