Restaurant smiles and reflections

In Tokyo, just like everywhere else in the world, there’s little that beats the simple pleasure of some good food with friends or family. A feeling that is clearly reflected here.

Tokyo restaurant smile and reflections


  1. Evan says

    Great shot, as always Lee.

    Did the fella taking the picture through the little window add to, or cause the humor?

    • says


      It was funny. I was in a little alley taking a photo utterly unaware of the open window. Then when when I heard their voices and turned round, they were looking at me and chuckling at my obliviousness. And that’s when I raised my camera. A lovely moment.

  2. Jeffrey says

    Great shot and they certainly seem pleased by it, but one of these days, you’re going to be caught crouching on the wrong veranda and they’ll be hell to pay. ; )

    • says

      Thanks! Yes, it was a genuinely lovely moment. Really nice people having a really good time. Made my day too.

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