Tokyo pachinko promotion

With today being a national holiday (Showa Day), parks the length and breadth of the country will be predictably packed out, although that said, they probably won’t boast the same staggering number of people as the nation’s plentiful supply of pachinko parlours; salary men of all ages willingly swapping the orderliness of the office for the ball bearing-based cacophony of a Beam,


or even a Baccarat.


However, with pachinko’s gargantuan earnings now far from guaranteed, promotion is paramount, with drum-loving,


and deranged old dears,


somewhat surprisingly deemed as ideal.



  1. says

    I actually noted last night how choccas the Pachinko Parlours in Kabukicho were …. don’t mind it myself, gets a bit noisy after a while though!

  2. shinobi says

    the moral here?

    dont gamble. otherwise, when you loose all of your money, the casino will dress you as a woman and make you promote them. (although thats better than a shattered arm i must admit)

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