Tokyo intimidation?

With the new school year in Japan now well and truly underway, teachers up and down the country will be keeping their eyes peeled for any bullying, especially after the number of cases that needed dealing with doubled in 2007.

However, despite the ongoing issue and the catastrophes it can cause, one or two schools don’t seem to be taking it as seriously as they perhaps should. This Tokyo kindergarten in particular appearing to almost promote,

Tokyo school

rather than prevent,

Tokyo school

such practices.

(click images for bigger, bouffanted bullies)


  1. says

    Cheers for that Akky, I had never heard of that before.

    It sort of reminded me of Ring a Ring o’ Roses that used to be sung when I was a child. Well, minus the crouching kid in the middle.

    That said, I still find it somehow how sinister…

  2. Mab says


    Like the site, am a regular visitor, and all is good but here’s a slight piece of advice if I may.

    Don’t overdo the whole “trying to find adjectives that start with the same letter” thing. It gets a little bit farfetched.

    Keep up the good work

  3. shinobi says

    idk what mab is talking about. the whole “trying to find adjectives that start with the same letter” thing is what keeps me coming back everyday. I always enjoy what you’re going to come up with next. but you could use the word tokyo less.

    KUDOS for creativity

  4. says

    The language style is primarily to give the site a certain identity and style, plus I enjoy the challenge; however, I do accept that it may get a bit tiresome, ahem, at times.

    The slight overuse of Tokyo (and also Japanese) Shinobi is simply a cynical way to try and catch the eye of search engines I’m afraid, especially were titles are concerned.

  5. shin says

    i’m not sure if you interpret the picture wrong on purpose or not but that’s a game children play in kindergarden, i played it often w/ my friends when i was little.

  6. says


    Like…no…..LOVE the site with a moist passion. However, just some advice , if I may. Could you please not use words written grammatically. Try adding zest by writing words backwards, for example. That would surely surprise a few of us regular visitors. Another tip, that I got from the BBC News site, is to write sentences with lots of “t”s, “o”s and “g”s.

    Again, I love the loveliness of your lovely site. I hope that my advice is appreciated, as much as I appreciate you. Be strong, be bold and be in love with love itself!

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