Tokyo intensity

It’s hard to know if it was a visual or audio stimulant that prompted the expression below. And it’s similarly difficult to decipher what the actual emotion was. But what is for certain is that it was a decidedly intense one.



  1. Bernadette Marchetti says

    I watched this comedic video clip once about a fabricated illness called “Bitch-Resting Face”. After I saw it, I realized I had “Bitch-Resting Face”. My mother does too. When I’m not thinking about anything in particular, my facial expression looks like I’m ready to kill someone (from what I’ve been told, at least). I wonder if this gentleman suffers from a mild case of Angry-Resting Face. In mild cases, you don’t look angry, just pensive?

    Oh I found it!!

    • says

      Cheers. That’s a very interesting point. Funny video to express it too.

      Both of which made me realise that I know a few people who are genuinely lovely, but to strangers appear quite the opposite.

  2. says

    Very cool, great use of DOF and no idea what the chap could be listening too; his expression reminds me of people listening to a guided tour in a museum a bit.

  3. Jeffrey says

    Podcast of “The Best of Beat Takeshi.” He’s discussing the difficult first years of “Takesji-jo” and all the deaths and serious injuries they needed to cover up.

  4. says

    I may be wrong, but I imagine some sort of self-help audio tape. To me his expression says, “Yes, I CAN do it! I AM worth it.”

  5. says

    Great pic. Whatever he is listening to, it must be something he is deeply interested in (maybe it’s something like “How to understand women” or so). It makes great contrast of how the world around is intense and full of inputs, yet you forget it all when you dive into something like this man… Great picture really!

    • says

      Thank you very much!

      Yes, whatever he was thinking about, he really was in a world of his own, despite all that was going on around him. Including me taking his photo.

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