Tokyo Imperial Palace pandemonium

With foreign faces now fairly common on Japanese TV, outlandish performances are by no means a prerequisite for a bit of publicity or prime-time prominence. But it can help. Especially if there’s a generous bit of give and take as far as that all important exposure is concerned.

And, with this in mind, swimming naked in the Imperial Palace moat,

naked gaijin

along with tackling the law with one’s tackle out, tops the lot.

naked gaijin

And then some.

By all accounts, this unseasonably suited Spaniard initially went for a meander in the moat to retrieve a friend’s bag, but as the video and pictures amply prove, things very quickly got out of hand.

In more ways than one.

Update: The man in question it now seems is not Spanish at all, but a fellow Brit who just happens to live in Spain.

A portly, almost Python-esque Imperial predicament that the already embattled Prime Minister Brown could probably do without. Although it may at least bring a brief smile to his almost bovine-like bearing.

Update 2: The moat-loving marauder has now been released without charges — although hopefully with clothes — by the authorities. A police spokesman proclaiming, “We decided to hand the man over to his friend without charging him as we concluded that his act was based on mental instability.”

A British embassy official also confirmed that the man is indeed from the UK, although any details about him were understandably deemed inappropriate.

(images via the FG Forums)


  1. says

    That was so funny! Certainly, he is a true representative of the British full body, and appears well-endowed too; even after a chilly dip in the moat.

    What I am now worried about, is well there be revenge incidents by Japanese tourists at Buckingham Palace? Perhaps, a mass naked origami frenzy, during the Changing of the Guard?

    I am intrigued to know what becomes of my fellow countryman? Having such access to the Japanese Royal Palace, he must surely have Diplomatic immunity??? 😉

  2. Spanish guy says

    …and why “spaniard” stupid and pathethic little blogger?, its a fucking brithish drunk boy (as usual),

  3. Kiwi Guy says

    @ spanish guy….probably because that was how it was initially reported…since it seems he’s a spanish resident

    but hey, dont let it stop you blaming this “stupid and pathetic” blogger

    “A 40-year-old British tourist was taken into police custody Tuesday after swimming naked in a moat around the Imperial Palace, police officials said.

    The man, a resident of Spain, was on a sightseeing trip along with seven Spanish tourists, according to the police.”

  4. says

    Hahaha this is awesome. I’m surprised that this is the first time I’d heard of anyone swimming in that moat. The number of times I drove past there wondering if someone would actually jump in there has finally been answered.

  5. Sasutan says

    I thought one of the russian sumo wrestlers had been dipping in the wacky-backy again and flipped out.

  6. says

    The Tokyo police officers should be commended on their well balanced response. I remember that a man in LA got shot and killed by a police officer some 28 years ago for similar behavior.

  7. mister bull says

    Was very clear since the beginning he was not a spaniard.
    Take a look to his colorless back! And cold face!
    And a totally lack of hair…
    at least all of us (in Spain) could figure after few seconds he was not spaniard….
    poor man…i am sure he has some mental problem.

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