Tokyo heat, humidity and exhaustion

The heat, and particularly the humidity of summer in Tokyo is difficult to deal with — it’s exhausting, basically. A daily struggle that for the city’s ever-growing number of older residents, must be even tougher.

Tokyo heat exhaustion


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    Great shot, another key issue for Japan: I was living in Paris through the 2003 European heat wave that killed 70000 elderly across Europe; the elderly just don’t have the urge to drink enough.

    The thing about summer in Japan that makes me feel ill is the outside heat of above 30C and the 18C inside the shops and department stores. The constant change is like a blow to my constitution and triggers major migraines in me. That was the only good thing from the Fukukshima disaster, the fact that the aircons were kept at a reasonable level :-)

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      I know what you mean, those massive temperature changes can’t be healthy. Personally I liked the dimming of lights after the Fukushima disaster. Why everywhere has to be lit at almost interrogation-like brightness I don’t know. Read reports about how much convenience stores etc were saving in electricity, and for me at least it made for a much more comfortable environment. But as soon as restrictions were lifted, it was back to the glaring brightness again… The air-con settings, however, I prefer set a bit lower. The 28 degrees just doesn’t cut it for me — at least not in a work environment. Some happy medium would be ideal, but it seems to be either one or the other…

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    Somehow I got the bright idea to take my vacation in August this year. I’m going to roast to death. They thought this summer would be colder due to El Nino, but apparently they forecasted it wrong! Ah well, I’ll dump all my change in those vending machines…

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      I know… This will be my first full August in Tokyo for many years — usually escape for a month over the summer. Managed to miss the super hot days last week as I was in Hokkaido, but it’s inevitable there will be many more to come. Still, can’t stay indoors all the time, so it’ll just have to be lots and lots and lots of water!

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