Tokyo graffiti: Chimps with guns, others wearing crowns, and the female form

Tokyo is generally depicted as a very clean, orderly city, and in many ways it is. In fact even when there’s apparent chaos, it’s invariably of the organised variety. Cleanliness-wise, however, it’s a decidedly mixed bag, and perhaps surprisingly there’s also a fair bit of graffiti and (really quite good) urban art about, particularly in certain parts of the city. Like this narrow stairwell in Shibuya, where there are depictions of chimpanzees brandishing guns.

Tokyo graffiti

Others wearing crowns.

Tokyo graffiti

Elevator girls of the distinctly non-traditional variety.

Tokyo graffiti

And figures exposing the female form.

Tokyo graffiti


  1. Magnus369 says

    Is it wrong that I should be impressed at how well drawn some of this is? That someone has talent and may or may not be making something of it? The rest is garbage (really, scribbled nonsense), but some of it shows talent… lack of respect for someone else’s property, but talent none the less.

    • says

      No, not in the slightest. I personally agree. The chimps in particular are excellent. And the artist is at least getting his work out there for people to see.

      But like you say, the rest of it is just crap. Not art at all, but mere vandalism. That, I guess, is the tricky balancing act when it comes to urban art/graffiti.

  2. Justin says

    Nice photos, I’m impressed with the graffiti as well. Didn’t really know there was much if any in Tokyo.

    • says

      Cheers. Yeah, Same here. I really like the chimps with guns. Be interesting to know if the artist has done other stuff around Tokyo.

      There’s a good amount of graffiti to be seen these days. Definitely more than there used to be. A lot of really interesting stuff too.

  3. says

    I took photos of that exact stairwell a while ago, but never put the pics up………
    Wish I knew who the artist was…..I’m making a documentary on one of the Tokyo street artists at the moment, think you’ll enjoy it when I’m done 😉

    If you are in Shibuya you really should call, I’m barely 7 minutes away!

    • says

      Didn’t know you were so near. Cool. I’ll be in touch next time I’m in the area.

      My guess is whoever it was must have other work dotted about the city, but yeah, it’d be great to know who it is.

      Excellent. Is it the fella behind all the Tepco/plitical protest art by any chance? If so I’m really looking forward to it.

  4. winnie says

    The chimps with gun were so cool!(I liked the chimp with crown) The girls in green uniform also cute!
    Sad that sort of being destroyed or tainted by unwanted nonsense scribbling.

  5. Grumpy Critter says

    I don’t think those are molars. I think someone was trying to draw the rear end of someone bending over.

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