Tokyo fashion: Complete colour and pattern coordination

For someone who is just about capable of wearing similar socks, this fella’s impeccably matched and colour coordinated outfit was nothing short of a meticulously planned marvel.

Tokyo fashion: Complete colour and pattern coordination


  1. Martin says

    That coordinated is just gay. No offense to gay people who mostly have better taste.

    • says

      What I’d like to know is if he bought everything at the same shop, or somehow managed to get similar patterned stuff at a variety of places. But either way, for better or worse, red roses are definitely his thing!

  2. says

    I would have expected a red rose ornament on his boots, but otherwise I cannot fault him. The car with matching colours make the photo.

    • says

      Yes, but perhaps that was a, ahem, step too far.

      I agree. I was fumbling around trying to focus while at the same time keep my own umbrella from invading the frame, when out of the corner of my eye I spied the red car. And through more luck than anything, I managed to get it in just the right place!

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