Tokyo faces

A small selection of faces, in a small section of Tokyo.



  1. Iwao Yamamoto says

      I’m sorry to say this but the man with a mask in the center of the photo looks very vicious or shows much displeasure to someone trying to take a photo of him.

    I’ll never want to take a photo of him like that. To take photos is really difficult I think especially that of persons not scenes.

    But most of your photos are persons or people mainly.

    • says

      Yeah, she (definitely not a man) wasn’t best pleased by me taking the shot. And while I don’t go out to upset people — that’s the last thing I want to do to be honest — the results can be far more interesting. Or at least they are for me. If she had smiled, I feel the photo wouldn’t have worked. As it is, she offers an interesting contrast to those around her.

  2. June says

    Lee: How do you get these great close-up shots? Are you using a zoom lens, or do you physically get ‘right in their faces’?

    • says

      Nah, I use a 35mm lens, so the only way to get close-ups is to get physically close. Some days I feel bolder than others, but to be honest, in busy areas like the one above, it makes things a lot easier. Getting up close when there a lot less people about, on the other hand, takes considerably more courage!

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