Tokyo drinkers and a very devoted dog

The evening walk probably wasn’t as far as this unusually large dog had hoped for. Plus on the return leg, the roles of leader and led may well have been reversed. But none of that in any way dented its total and utter devotion.

devoted Japanese dog


    • says


      Yeah, it was a very well behaved dog. Rare to see a dog in Tokyo not on a lead. Just as rare are ones that size too. A very welcome change to the usual sights of chihuahuas, miniature dachshunds and toy poodles.

  1. winnie says

    I think it is a St.Bernard which is a breed of affectionate dog. I wish I could hug the dog, it is so cute!!
    I feel sad that she had to wait in the cold!!

  2. Matt says

    He looks like he’s done that a few times in his life. Love how you caught the guys eyes looking at him.

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