Tokyo coffee shop lady looks

Coffee shops are plentiful in Tokyo, but the only trouble is, many of them are much the same. Big companies, selling colossal amounts of coffee, in comfy but ultimately characterless surroundings.

Not that there aren’t any independent shops of course, it’s just finding them. But when one does, they often offer a far more interesting look.

Japanese coffee shop woman


    • says

      That’s very true. Comfort was certainly the compromised in the pursuit of character. The chairs reminded me of those found at school.

  1. says

    The lady has a deep intent look in her eyes, which is a distinct contrast to the man in the picture. I wonder if they were there for a chat over a cup of coffee.

  2. says

    Great subjects and fantastic atmosphere in this shot.
    Like the work you’ve done with your phone, and the haikyo is fascinating too.

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    Love the Kissaten coffee shops found near most train stations… often a step back in to the 70’s. Not just in the furnishings, but clientele and service.

      • mark says

        but the coffee sucks always Key coffee and old. and the smoke in those places in unbearable which is why Staba is so popular

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