Tokyo bruiser?

A gentle giant, or a man not to be messed with?

Japanese gentle giant or tough guy


  1. Taki says

    He doesn’t have the gyoza ears… Check his fingers and invite him to a pint if he’s got all of those :)

    • says

      If I did, I’m sure he’d have a few interesting tales to tell. A bruiser he may or may not be, but he definitely looks like a real character.

  2. says

    Great character indeed, luckily for you there are plenty such in Tokyo :-)
    You’re shooting these from a low angle, what technique of street photography are you using? I usually keep my camera in front of my chest and use a wide-angle lens and the camera in continuous focus mode.

    • says

      There are — more than enough!

      I always carry my camera in my hand, with the strap wrapped round my wrist, so for this photo — and the first geisha in the previous post — I simply crouched down briefly and fired off the shot. However, with the bright, steady sun, I’d pre-focused for this shot, so only had to worry about composition. But with the low-light of the geisha shot, I just had to focus manually — that’s the only option available to me.

      Oh, and I use a 35mm lens (on a full-frame camera). After experimenting with different focal lengths, the last 18-24 months had made me realise that’s what suits me the best.

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