Tokyo autumn colours

Photographing flowers and foliage isn’t my thing. I don’t really enjoy it, and invariably I get a very similar feeling when it comes to the results. But to not do so when in possession of a camera in Japan is practically a crime. And to be fair, the colours really are beautiful at this time of year.

Tokyo fall colors

For the all too brief time that they last.

Tokyo autumn colours


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      Yeah, it’s a lovely time of year. Even more so at the moment as it’s very mild and bright and sunny everyday. Just hope it stays this way for a little longer.

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    Hi Lee – well, I have to say that I do enjoy your very minimalist takes on the koyo season – a very unique way to capture it :)

    I had the good fortune to enjoy the autumn colors during the Kyoto portion of a brief Japan trip from which my wife and I just returned back home to Germany. During that trip, we also had a short (too short, I might say) time in Tokyo — but we managed to hit Jimbocho (not least inspired by some of your previous photos), as well as two nice exhibitions at the Photography Museum in Ebisu (Issei Suda and Shoji Ueda/Jacques-Henri Lartigue).

    Best wishes –

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      Thanks a lot, Norbert!

      Jimbocho is great, isn’t it? Some fantastic bookshops there.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed your time here. Hope you get back soon!

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