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      I’ve seen him a few times over the past few months. This was just the first time I managed to get a half decent shot of him. A street entertainer is the best description I can think of. He never speaks, but he gently touches people on the head.

  1. cdilla says

    I saw him on an NHK program last year about street entertainers, Tokyo Eye probably. There was a city sponsored street entertainers rest area on the first or second floor of a nearby building. He had to use the stairwell to get his gear on as it was the only place with the headroom.
    Little kids timidly approached him to put money in his bowl. And he was surprisingly agile when he playfully chased a group of touristy girls.
    He looked a very gentle and benevolent demon. The guy said he wanted to become a fixture in the area; it looks like he may have.

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      Thanks! Interesting to get a bit of background info on him. I haven’t seen him for a while, but hopefully he’s still about. He makes for a wonderfully odd sight, and the reaction of people when they see him is great.

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