Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid graffiti protest

Tokyo is now the bookies’ favourite to host the 2020 Olympic games ahead of Madrid and Istanbul, prompting its bid leader to confidently claim that, “London 2012’s success can be Tokyo 2020’s gain”. But, despite the undeniably positive summer showcase of the British capital, not everyone in the Japanese one is quite so enamoured. So much so in fact, that some have resorted to direct. Not to mention succinct. Dissent.

Tokyo 2020 protest


    • says

      It certainly is.

      Initially I was very sceptical. Even more so as it was ex-governor Ishihara’s baby. However, after spending the summer in Britain and witnessing what positives the Olympics can bring, I’m coming round to the idea. Whether it’s feasible financially I have my doubts. And heaven knows what Tokyo’s already busy transportation network would be like. But without a doubt, it’d be a huge boost for the city, and in many ways the country as a whole.

  1. Jeffrey says

    I think they’ll be a major money loser. Rather than Britain’s experience, I think the games and the aftermath would be closer to that of Greece’s – all sorts of new venues that, because the Japanese aren’t really all that interested in sport, would go unused and the Japanese are notorious for building things and then chintzing on the maintenance.

    The country’s broke and if it’s going to spend a lot of money it should be spent in Tohoku, not in Tokyo.

    • says

      Good point about the venues. I don’t know how Tokyo stands with places that could be used as they are, or with limited work. And if there aren’t already viable options, I’m not sure where new ones would be built.

      • Jeffrey says

        Tokyo hosted the world track and field championships way back in the late ’80s using, if memory serves, Yoyogi Olympic Stadium. I would imagine that it was spruced up then as it was nearly 25-years old at that point (many of the dormitories remained then, as I recall, but the rest of the site is rather dated and run down). I think it’s still considered to have sufficient capacity and as Japan is still so expensive (by 2020, who knows?), attendance may be limited, Japan is convenient to no where in the world other than Asia and since the Chinese and Korean visitors are down . . .

        I doubt there are any equestrian facilities. Is there a “world class” pool and diving facility? I don’t think there is an arena for basketball. Where would the rowing take place, Hakone?

        The list is usually long for whichever city is “lucky” enough to be chosen but, again, Japan is broke, has better things to spend its money on, and has become increasingly xenophobic in the last decade. Considering this, if they win the bid I think a bribery investigation would be in order.

        • says

          Can’t argue with you there. I was here for the World Cup which was a huge success, although a few football stadiums are very different to the requirements of the Olympics. Some of those built for the event haven’t been used properly since either.

          Who knows how it’ll pan out, but Tokyo is the current favourite. Ishihara may well get the last laugh – again.

    • mariko says

      Japanese aren’t really all that interested in sport??? Why? how would you say that?

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