The unmistakable misery of shopping?

Whether it’s stocking up for Christmas/New Year, or snagging a bargain afterwards, there’s one thing that truly unites the world over winter, and that’s shopping. But for a good number of those involved, there’s one thing they really don’t want to be doing on a day off, and that’s also shopping.

The misery of shopping


  1. Martin says

    I think it depends on where one is shopping and what they are shopping for. I dislike going to the grocery store but I’m happy to spend hours in a gun shop or a tailor’s.
    Your photo is a good example of the negative shopping experience lol.

    • says

      Yes, that’s very true. Drop me in a book, camera or electronics shop and I’m quite happy. Anywhere else, and I feel quite the opposite!

    • says

      Ah, was unaware of that (as I am of most manga to be honest), but a quick search made for some interesting images. Thanks! And I see what you mean, definitely some similarities.

  2. says

    There is misery, yes, but what I see mostly in the faces is the expressionless, botox faces I see everywhere in the big cities in Japan. Everybody always appears to so terribly unhappy; I had started to take it personally, but now I see you encounter the same faces :-)
    (Last year I visited Chicihbu, a very rural city in Saitama Prefecture and all of a sudden people were smiling and chatting to me, wonderful experience!)

      • says

        No worries.

        Yeah, it’s a very common sight, isn’t it? I can totally understand it on busy trains with people heading for another long day at work, but it’s often not that dissimilar at weekends. Hopefully it’s just a front, and deep down they are as happy as those people who live in the country’s less populated areas. It’s not like Tokyo doesn’t have its distractions – far from it.

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