The true horror of mannequin head scarecrows

Their weatherbeaten faces and staring eyes always make these mannequin scarecrows unsettling, but the rather startling addition of a severed head really sets this one apart.



  1. Tom says

    Wow, that’s something else! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Do hope those aren’t entrails in the background!!

  2. willly says

    completely shocking! The spider thing in the background. ..a.double whammy.. what a scoop!

  3. LAObserver says

    Lee has any farmer ever questioned you while you were photographing these things ?

    • says

      Happily no. There never seem to be any about.

      That said, when I was taking the photo above, there were some people walking along the river bank in the background, and I could hear them debating if I was photographing a person or not!

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