The season when drinking on the street isn’t seen as antisocial

In fact so long as there are a few bits of cherry blossom still about, drinking on the street is not only socially acceptable, it’s sociable. Plus possibly even more staggering is the fact that it’s so incredibly civilised.

Japanese street hanami


  1. says

    Picnic in the street. I love it! I don’t know if it’s extra confidence or comfort in their surroundings, but this definitely trumps picnicing in the park on some level.

    • says

      I was equally impressed, especially as they looked so comfortable there. I never thought about the confidence/comfort aspect, but you are right, they definitely must have one or the other. Maybe even both.

      • Jeffrey says

        You know those damned conformist Japanese!

        It is interesting how scenes like this run counter to the not infrequent rigidity and formality that one bumps up against. I mean, they’re even drinking wine rather than beer or sake.

        • says

          Yes, I love contradictions like this. Arguably not what you’d expect, and yet it seems perfectly normal.

          As for the wine, I’ve noticed a lot more of it over the last few years.

  2. Linette says

    What!? You mean you can just plop down anywhere and have a picnic as long as it’s cherry blossom season?

  3. winnie says

    Well prepared with some food and a bottle of white wine a while sitting on a small mat along the street.
    They really enjoying!
    I will feel too cold if I am sitting there!

    • says

      Yes, they were all set for a very pleasant afternoon. It was pretty warm that afternoon, so you’d have been fine.

  4. Jake says

    People were pretty much wrecked, drinking in the park at 8 am on a Sunday morning. Or perhaps it was still Saturday night.

  5. says

    Hey I’ve just found this blog, and I like it!!
    Anyway good to see the people drinking under the Sakura tree in Tokyo.
    Here in Furano, Hokkaido Sakura doesn’t bloom until the middle of May…. and it’s not as thick as Someiyoshino(the most common Sakura in mainland), but we have pinky Yamazakura.
    Nice post anyway 😉

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