The perfect Japanese June bride?

Despite the month coinciding with rainy season, the idea of being a June bride is still a very popular one in Tokyo — the potentially inclement weather clearly not enough to dampen the apparent romance of an early summer wedding.

Yet despite the possible setbacks, this young couple appear to have experienced pretty much the perfect ceremony. No rain whatsoever. Wonderfully lush greenery. Plus a setting just as picturesque as the traditional procession.

Japanese traditional June bride


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      Yeah, they are quite something. I’ve seen plenty over my time here, particularly at Meiji Shrine where they are ten a penny. But this one, in a small, beautifully maintained shrine, was a bit special. Particularly so as apart from me, it was pretty much just those participating in the ceremony.

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    The weddings do make a great photo and you’ve captured it well. You just stood at the right location to get everything in frame, priests, miko, couple, the guests and the building. Looks like they are still on their way to the shrine itself, right?
    I’m happy that more and more people are getting a Shinto ceremony instead of a western style ceremony.

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      Thanks. Yeah, I just dropped by and they were starting to make their move, so I had a split-second to decide where to stand. Thankfully I got it just about right.

      Yes, I presume they were heading to the shrine itself. The building in the background is a Noh stage. There were chairs set up on the lawn in front, and fancier ones on stage for the bride and groom, so not sure what had been going on. Speeches of some sort I guess, although I always thought they came after.

      Whatever they were doing though I completely agree. They are both ‘fake’ in most cases, but the Shinto ones seem considerably less so. Far more spectacular too — to my foreign eyes at least.

  2. Bernadette Marchetti says

    Oh what a gorgeous picture! The colors are so vibrant! My eyes got bigger as soon as I looked at it (my eyes do that with very vivid colors that please me, but I assume that happens to most people). I’m glad you took the pic in color. I’m curious, though; with all the contrast, I wonder how it would have changed had it been in black and white. Thanks for sharing!

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      I did actually convert it to black and white to see how it would look. The timelessness of it seemed suited to monochrome. Without the colours though it lost something. And perhaps more importantly to me, it didn’t reflect what I saw/felt.

  3. Ming Yu says

    Oh what a lovely picture! And the colours are so vibrant. Could you please tell me about the shrine? I’d love to visit it one day. Thank you.

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