The odd loneliness of a quiet Tokyo train

Tokyo’s trains are well known for their cramped conditions, with rush hours covering most of the morning and the best part of the evening. But now and again they are quiet. Particularly around the end of the year. And when they are — perhaps because we are so used to seeing them full — they are strangely sterile, almost lonely looking spaces.



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      Yeah, it’s surprising how quiet both the trains and Tokyo can get over the New Year. It’s almost peaceful at times!

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      Wasn’t aware of that film. So had a quick look at a few images and realised I was perhaps better of being unaware!

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      Happy to say it was a local line and not the Yamanote. There again, that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t a long long way past her stop!

  1. winnie says

    I love this picture!

    Is it JR Chuo-Sobu line?

    I miss taking trains in Japan. Fast and Punctual…(Sometimes, late due to various reason)
    I always took Yamanote or keihin tohoku because I lived at Tamachi.. Or take Mita/ Asakusa line..
    Rush hours are terrible … like sardine.. So whenever the train is empty, I am so happy because I could see many interesting buildings from the window.
    Or the first Cabin where the Train Captain is.

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      Nah, it’s the Seibu Line late one night. The trains do have a very different feel when they are quiet, and like you say, it also offers the chance to see a bit more of the city whizzing past. Just a pity it’s such a rarity…

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