The morning after the very long Tokyo night before

That drunken, falsely confident feeling of, ‘one more can’t do any harm, I’ll be fine’, generally results in a sore head, or more often than not, horrors far worse. Times when the comfort of a bed and the shaky embrace of feeling sorry for oneself slowly but surely win out the day. But how much those horrors must be magnified when waking up. In daylight. Outside a grotty convenience store. Really doesn’t bear thinking about.

Tokyo hangover


  1. Magnus369 says

    Looks like their “one more” is still sitting next to them as well… While I know it’s not one of the safest places on earth, I can’t imagine falling asleep on any street in most towns I’ve lived in without at least getting harassed, or far worse. Lucky person I’d say.

    • says

      It does. A night cap of sorts.

      Yeah, for all Tokyo’s faults, it’s a real credit that people can pass out and wake up worse for wear, but only due to their own doing.

  2. winnie says

    Interesting picture!

    Don’t he feel cold? I wondered did he move away the red plastic box which on the left, then sleep in?

    • says

      You’d certainly think so. It wasn’t a mild day by any stretch of the imagination. And yeah, you could be right. Compared to the red crate, the floor probably looked quite comfortable.

  3. says

    I like the text on the public phone box on the left just next to the guy, my Japanese is not perfect but I think it says: “This is not a place to put your trash, please don’t put your trash here” :-)

    • says

      Yeah, me too. Gives it a nice little twist, as regardless of the sign, he still decided to dump himself there!

  4. Marcin Bińczyk says

    Well at least he’ll have a story to tell. IF he remembers anything that happened in the last 12hrs that is 😉

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