The loveliest of lovely old ladies

Japan is already a nation of old people, really old in many cases, as the number of centenarians is set to hit a record high of over 47,000 this year. A rapid greying of the country that will not only change Japanese society as a whole, but have a hugely detrimental effect on the economy. And yet if all the nation’s old people are even half as lovely as this elderly lady,

lovely Japanese lady

then whatever happens, it’ll still be an equally lovely place to live.

lovely Japanese lady


    • says


      The first one I just took as she came round the corner. Then we had a bit of a chat and she happily posed for the second one. I don’t usually take photos of people posing, but how could I resist?!

  1. winnie says

    These pictures are lovely especially the second one.
    I think she is warm-hearted and nice lady. :)

  2. says

    I couldn’t have resisted either. I hope to be half as sweet and lovely if/when I reach her age. Whatever it may be. :)

    • says

      Yes, I did. She said she’s 91 and she was on her way to the sento. And I’m happy to say she was as delightful as she looks.

  3. Yoshiko says

    How lovely pic! Hoping someone helps her to see this website and let her know how her pic makes lots of people happy.

    • says

      Thank you! Yes, that would be nice. Hopefully I’ll see her again, but in a city the size of Tokyo, I guess that’s very unlikely…

      • Yoshiko says

        Oh,that’s too bad.I cannnot stop thinking myself in her place. She must be very very happy if you find her again and give her a copy of this lovely photo.

  4. Anonymous UK says

    A very cute, pretty lady. I would like to read about your interactions and conversations (if any) with the people you come across.

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