1. Squidpuppy says

    I don’t know exactly why, but as soon as I saw this I thought: how 21st century angst!

    The composition, framing, and setting reminds me of late 19th and early-mid 20th century art focusing on individual vs society anxiety. The cleanliness of the environment, the architecture, it’s almost surreal; the others in the picture oblivious of the subject’s suffering – whatever it is. In comparison to everything else, the brightness, the wealth of the city, even the subject’s immaculate attire – his pain is out of context, unexpected, a disconnect.

    Sorry, got carried away there. Too much critical theory in school LOL

    Are you using any HDR filtering here? Doesn’t matter, just curious. Great picture.

    • says

      No need to apologies. None at all. It was a very interesting read. Great to hear how other people see photographs.

      I personally found the people behind him somewhat sinister. Almost like they are following or taunting him. But yeah, his pained expression does seem strangely out of place.

      Cheers! Nah, no HDR. But I did lighten the shadows and brighten it up. That seemed to increase the slight oddness.

  2. Linette says

    I just noticed that the guy to the back and right of the man in the business suit looks like he is directing you to take a photo of the man in the business suit. Funny. It makes the shot even better.

    • says

      He does, doesn’t he? It’d be nice to say I anticipated that and pressed the shutter at just the right time, but I’d be lying. One of those lucky little extras that you don’t notice til later.

  3. John says

    This picture also highlights a couple other things you will see in Tokyo. The man with his arm extended may be giving directions. It’s not unusual to see a whole group of people doing that at the same time while they try to find a place or figure out where they are going. That arm is often close to my face as they extend it without looking as I’m walking by. Also note how they block most of the sidewalk from people going in the other direction. There is no order of everyone walking on one side, such as the left.

    • says

      Yeah, I know what you mean. Only the other day I nearly got poked in the eye. There’s generally a complete lack of awareness of others or anything around. Cyclists are worryingly just the same. I often think it’s a miracle that the streets aren’t littered with bodies…

  4. Philip says

    Wow, just looking at your work. Its really is amazing, I like how you keep capturing a certain essence in almost of all of your pictures.

  5. MrSatyre says

    I’m surprised you didn’t recognize the Japanese Kanye and his posse (which always follow at a respectful distance). And oh, look! Isn’t that Japanese Kanye’s fabulous wife, Japanese Kim Kardashian over there on the right, looking bootylicious as always?

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