The guilty look of a salaryman smoker

In a country where rules are expected to be adhered to rather than broken, people know all too well when they are in the wrong. And this young salaryman, having a cheeky side street cigarette, was definitely no different.

Tokyo salaryman smoker


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    Gotcha! Great story telling photography again.
    But we do need to feel a bit sorry for these poor drug addicts: nicotine in cigarettes is the major drug state pushed drug and the wide spread addiction makes a lot of money for the government and now they had to put those pro forma “no smoking” signs up to pretend they care about health. (just kidding, but imagine a Japan where people would live even longer :-))

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      Thanks a lot. Yeah, caught him good and proper!

      Exactly. Government policy to try and reduce the number of pensioners. Things i, with the government owning a good chunk (it was 50% at one time I believe) of Japan Tobacco, it is hard not to question Japan’s efforts at tackling smoking. They have, and at the same time, they haven’t. All for very good reasons one suspects…

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    To capture smokers like this is to capture the essence of living in this city. Every time I stop and look down the narrowest alleyways in Tokyo, I see a smoker tucked away with the exact same expression on his face.

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      In some areas patrols walk about and there are possible fines. I have seen people told to put their cigarettes out, but how often fines are issued — and how enforceable they are — I don’t know.

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