The eternal misery of men?

Thoughtfully provided seats in department stores are more often than not the domain of men. Reluctant shoppers who despite their best efforts get dragged out into the frightening world of ladies fashion and furnishings. A misery that to their great credit, some gallant souls just deal with.

Japanese men shopping

Whereas others less gallantly just give up.

Japanese men shopping


    • says

      It’s intended to be very tongue in cheek, but such seats are definitely very popular with men. A fair few of whom can often be found fast asleep.

  1. says

    Great idea, these husband parkings in the Japanese department stores; I really missed them today as I went shopping with my wife and had to wait for what felt like hours :-)
    I shot a husband parking in Tokyo a few years back (click on my name to reach the image).

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      Husband parkings is such a great way to put it.

      That’s a great image. Very cool ‘parking spot’ too.

  2. MrSatyre says

    One of my favorite memories of shopping in one of the larger electronics stores (might have been Bic or Yodabashi Camera) in Tokyo was how at lunch time, dozens of office workers from other businesses would swarm the recliner and massage chair department just to get off their feet and take a nap for 15 or 30 minutes before returning to work. The salesmen would patiently (albeit with an understandable lack of enthusiasm) wander from one non-customer to the next, making sure they were comfortable and knew how to operate the controls.

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      Yes, it used to be impossible to get on those things. Weekdays it was tired businessmen, weekends bored husbands.

      The big store near me at least has put a stop to it recently. There’s a staff member always present, and only interested customers are allowed. Plus they have to go through the sales spiel, no doubt deterring those wanting to blag it.

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